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Adjustable aluminium profile for different heights

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Covering transition profiles join differing covering materials irrespective of whether their heights are the same or different. By choosing the right profile it is possible to aesthetically cover dilatation gaps, height differences between adjoining coverings can be hidden, and a stylish transition can be created at the join of coverings made of differing materials. When laying wood flooring it is vital to take into consideration possible deformations of the material due to temperature fluctuations and the humidity of the room. Covering transition profiles can be split into two groups depending on function. The primary aim of the height levelling profile is to bridge differences in height levels, while the level profile provides a precise, simple or dramatic solution to transitions between differing coverings. Profile fixing while laying the covering is achieved by being installed and using glue, but in many cases where exactly the use of a given profile is needed only becomes apparent after the coverings have been laid. Retro-fitted transition profiles can be fixed by screwing, plugging and glueing.  

Use of the VI-fragor covering transition is essential when levelling height differences. The profile is a universal product since due to its press closure it can be installed not only to bridge height differences but also as a covering seal profile. The foot can be screwed down or installed, then the profile head is compressed to the appropriate height and fixed by the gel, self-adhesive strip.